Night riding – AY-UP LIGHTS

Now that summer is nearly upon us and the weather is getting better, dust off that bike, chuck some lights on and get out night riding!
If your looking to get some lights, or wanting to upgrade your current set you neednt look any further than Ay-Up lights. By far the most popular of lighting systems, I see loads of people using Ay-Ups at our club night rides and at races all around the country.
I’ll try to keep it short and sweet, this is why you should get Ay-Ups:
– They are AUSSIE MADE. Support your country!!
– They are much cheaper than other lighting systems yet they do not compromise quality and work just as well, if not better than there more expensive competitors.
– You can use the lights for other adventures such as running, hiking, kayaking. We use them as a torch when we go camping or lose power at home.
–  There’s loads of different options and kits and ordering extras such as batteries, mounts and custom Ay-Up Jerseys is simple and quick!
The half epic battery lasts 3 hours on high and 6 hours on low whilst the epic battery lasts 6 hours on high and an incredible 12 hours on low. The low setting is by no means low and lights up the track well enough to use confidently in training and racing. Included in this kit are 2 lights, a handlebar and helmet light which you get to choose from 12 funky different colours for both. I use a narrow beam for my helmet and an intermediate beam for my handlebar.
Sweet range of colours to choose, and now you can choose a black or white lightbar
Also included in the kit are red saxon caps to put over your lights to put on the back of your helmet to use as a rear red light. The Adventure Kit comes complete with all the bits and pieces you need as well as doubles and spares so you can mount lights on more than 1 bike. The extras include mounts, velcro straps, mounting bounds, cable ties and battery pouches.  It also includes head band kit and an awesome feature called the Gecko helmet mounting kit which allows you to easily and quickly put your helmet light on and off. A charger which charges 2 batteries at a time and an in car charger ensures you can always charge your batteries, and they do not take long to charge.
What I really love about the Ay-Up lighting system, apart from the excellent quality, ease of use and reasonable pricing, is the weight. Each bulletproof, waterproof light weighs a measly 50 grams. Unbelievable!! During my Enduro races I use the Epic battery, with an extension lead to the battery which sits nicely in my middle pocket of my jersey and it’s no wonder I can’t notice it as in weighs in at 250 grams for the whole getup. The battery on my handle bar light straps conveniently on to the handle bar stem or at the front of the top tube with no dramas at all. I do most of my training in the early morning before work, in pitch black on the road and Ay-Up provide such an impressive light that approaching cars slow down as they are not sure what is heading their way! So if you’re looking for a quality set of lights, to enhance you mountain biking experience and provide safety whilst out training, Ay-Up is the only way to go.

There’s something magical and mysterious about riding at night, and night rides are by my favourite ride of the week. Likewise, the night stage of a 24 hour solo race is when the race really cranks up and makes you feel invigorated and alive! You can ride the same track you’ve ridden loads of times and it feels completely new and different when you ride it at night. Everything is more exciting, each berm, switchback and drop off more challenging yet the stillness of the night provides a calmness and pure bliss.  I can be out on the track, in pitch black with no one else around and have complete faith that my Ay-Up lights will get me home, not once have I experienced any issues with them.

Al modelling the very bright, very cool Ay Up jerseys which can be seen a mile away, not only do they look totally radical, they make sure you are seen when out on the road or tracks

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