Marlo Tri

First Tri since early 2008 who knows what was going to happen! Twilight 5pm start meant the weather had cooled to ideal temperatures. Chucked some tri bars on the Giant TCR and went into “aero” mode! Open water swim in the lovely Snowy River Estuary of about 600m. Run to transition was cruel, straight up a ridiculously steep set of stairs.


First transition stuff up- go to put sunnies on and not only poke myself in the eyeball but manage to poke out my contact lens which is now sitting on the end of my sunnies arm. Not ideal. Spend a few minutes putting contact lens back into eyeball and jump on the bike. 4 laps of the Tri Loop which we frequently ride.

Knowing I had to attempt to run 5.5k after riding I was constantly having a mental battle on how hard to go in the ride.

 4 laps down and back into transition for stuff up #2, missed the shoot by a few metres and had to back track with people yelling at me that I was going the wrong way. Given there were loads of students from OSC I teach laughing at me it was embarrassing enough donning my tri suit onesy, let alone running the wrong way obviously that wasn’t enough and I must have subconsciously thought a face plant with bike in hand going into transition was necessary. At least it provided some entertainment for those watching and more importantly the students.

Run went much better than expected and crossed the line to collect 1st place overall female and local hero! (the past local hero who had won it about 10 times in a row was unfortunately on the sidelines with illness.) Great to have a local event, big thanks to Giant and also to local company HSR Seeds! Awesome event, awesome fun and a big thanks to the volunteers and those who helped set-up. Better start training for next year!

household of local heroes!!



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