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Headed to the grand opening of the Snowy River Cycling Blacksmith shed. If you are interested in a bike tour down in East Gippsland make sure you look these guys up!!!20130316_120512 20130316_123950

A weekend of relaxing and hanging out with friends, sipping lattes and eating loads of yummy food, followed by a weekend of seeing our good friends get married. I even saw Al in a suit for the very first time.

482080_10151302717866296_1126825069_n               20121112_094042

Friends organised a mid-week “Choose Your Own Adventure” Race from East Cape to West Cape and back. We swam in the ocean for abit, then cyclo-crossed for abit, then run for abit. I definitely “chose” my own adventure when I decided to change from the rocky, sandy beach track to the less sandu walking track and got a wee bit lost and did some bush bashing. Some people kayaked back, others swapped the our ride section for a run. Followed by a bbq it was great fun until a massive tiger snake crawled on by.


also got some commuting in as well

We also had a cycle-tourist stay at our house during the week. Al met Frank from the UK at the general store and the two got talking and we were lucky enough to have Frank stay for the night and have some dinner with us. He had ridden from one side of New Zealand to the other and was on his way from Sydney to Melbourne. He is raising money for the Children of Syria. Here is his blog, check it out, he was an inspirational and very nice dude http://frankburns.wordpress.com/ We even made it onto his blog!! http://frankburns.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/no-not-34c-again/

Check it out and donate to his cause, what a LEGEND!! I hope to do something as rad as he has done one day!!!


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