balloon bed- what a great idea!

Headed out for a 3hr MTB bikepacking trip on Saturday night and set up camp on the “Yalmy” Road. Al had this fantastic idea of purchasing a super light weight sleeping mat that involves blowing up balloons and inserted them in to the mat.

Key Tip: Don’t blow the balloons up 1m away from the fire where embers will hit the balloon and pop them. His sleeping mat ended up being half the width of this body. Put a tin of spaghetti in the fire to eat for dinner and tucked ourselves into our bivvys.

Stargazing was amazing, such a clear night we saw a few shooting stars. Totally mesmerizing.
The temperature dropped considerable, enough to put my bivvy over my head. Bad idea, woke up a few times being suffocated by the bivvy. Decided I’d rather my face freeze off than have that suffocated feeling again. Finally got to sleep. At 3 in the morning Al woke me up to ask “How’s your mat?” My response “Reckon it’s OK considering I’M ASLEEP!! His 3 balloon mat was not, so we packed up and headed back home in the freezing cold. Something peaceful and calming about riding at that time of the day.

I love it. Decided we still wanted an adventure instead of a soft bed, so lit a fire in the backyard and rolled out the swag until the sun rose. Off for another ride, and finished at the coffee shop



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