Travellin’ round Ridin’ bikes

serious race face

First stop on our school holiday MTB trip we headed over the mountain to Bright to hit the sweet flowy single track. We cruised past the landing paddock where our good friend Wally was about to land his paraglide and next minute we were driving up the mountain to jump off it, in style of course- in my lycra!! We ran straight off the mountain then cruised the clear blue skies, it was majestic. I suffer from motion sickness and unfortunately being 2000 metres in the sky lends itself to motion sickness. I decided to keep this information to myself, until Wally decided to do a 360 and I could no longer ‘keep it to myself.’


courtsyeh Al also got some air time.

al1  courtmtb

This week has been great to relax, catch up with friends, eat yum food and do a heap of skills training on mtb. Focus for the week has been cornering and monos. Starting to feel the flow again!


We also bought a new laptop and a GoPro Hero so have been making some hilarious mtb videos and playing around with some photo editing programs.




photo1  flying5

Al had a stack and cracked a few ribs. And then stacked again…… We went to the comedy festival and saw Stephen K Amos and laughed our butts off. Then went on a Liv/Giant road ride, cruised down Beach Road on my cyclo-cross bike with my knobbly tyres.

We stayed up late and watched the Tour of Flanders (slept on a mattress in our friends lounge as we don’t have SBS), stayed up and watched Paris – Roubaix the week after.

Went to Forrest, took my best friend Nina who hadn’t ridden MTB before. We had a ball, she rode over so many obstacles no newbie should ride over. Then met up with some other rad girls and rode some more.

Now I’m getting ready for the Wombat 100km, first 100km in 3 years and it was the first MTB race I ever did 5 years ago!! Hopefully I beat my PB!!!

579656_640798412613768_1436907867_n  photo: Kirsty Baxter Photography
photo: Kirsty Baxter Photography

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  1. Great to catch up with you guys. Sounds as though you are having a busy time awheel. Looking forward to hearing more about plans to do the Gt Divide. Have you read Jill Homer’s book? I did a review of it:

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