Micro-adventures : Shacks, wheels and marshmallows

Last weekend we cruised around Marlo showing a friend the trails, then sat at a café sippin lattes relaxing, then we decided we should go bike-packing. We grabbed a map, packed our bags and hit the road. Things didn’t quite go to plan (surprise surprise) as we had spent a little too long relaxing and not concentrating on the packing! We pedalled off a little late than expected and shortly realised that the map we grabbed the trail/roads we needed were covered by a picture of the picturesque Snowy River. “You brought a pump yeh?” I said to Al, “No, I thought you did….” Nope….. OK lets hope neither of us gets a flat!!! Had the GoPro primed to take some cool shots and vids then realised I had left the SD Card at home in the laptop. Had planned to have dinner at the Bellbird hotel however we weren’t that hungry yet and we had no idea how long it would take to get to our destination so decided to push on. We had a couple of piddle backlights and it was getting dark fast so whenever we heard a car we ran off to the side of the road. This wasn’t what I had planned!


Go to our camping ground, set-up tent and made a fire. Star-gazed, relaxed, watched the full moon glow and light up the sky, ate cashews and 1/2 a piece of nutella bread, toasted marshmallows and a cup of tea for dinner and crawled into a warm sleeping bag.

The Sunday sun woke us up, went for a walk through the valley and then our friends turned up with a gourmet BBQ and gold-panning pans, we headed down to the icy cold river and tried our luck for gold. No such luck meant we had to return to work on Monday!

sansucial                sansuci2

The afternoon brought severe winds, plummeting temperature and grey skies. Al and I took our friends up on the offer to throw the bikes in the car and get a lift home. It was a fantastic weekend filled with good riding, camping out, hanging out with friends and eating excellent food. hope next week’s micro-adventure is just as fun!!

livgiant1     mapreader



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  1. I am really really enjoying reading about your mini breaks! Inspirational stuff!

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