Drive time: Stacks, seminars, videos

Jumped in the car Saturday morning, drove 5 hours to the docklands and met some lovely ladies at the Cycling Victoria Social Media Seminar and learnt some great tips. It was all about promoting women’s cycling, which fits in perfectly with the Liv/Giant philosophy and reflect my aims and beliefs as well! Getting out of the Harbour Town parking lots was not terrific as I timed it perfectly to leave when the whole of Etihad Stadium did as well. Soon enough I was off and on the road again to Ballarat for the Interwinter Rd1 at Creswick on Sunday morning. It was freezing, 2 degrees all night and I honestly do not know how I lived in this town for 4 years of my life.


My friend Bourkey joined me and made herself cosy on the grassy noll reading the paper sippin a latte, best race transition ever at the Novotel Resort!! Actual toilets, great coffee, plush golf course grass, it was ideal for spectators. We gathered at the start line and a dude dressed up in Soveriegn Hill out timer gear shot a gun and we were off. The trails wound in and out of the golf course, tight, twisty, dusty single track with plenty of pinchy climbs.


Much of the track I think was only recently built, well it felt that way, as it wasn’t bedded in much. There were a great bunch of girls to race against and I tried to get into the zone but a tough week mentally and physically, work wise, training wise and real life wise meant I went in to the race feeling flat and had a feeling things weren’t going to go so well. I must be psychic because only 27 minutes in to the race I came barrelling up over a crest and flew down the other side, next minute I had smacked in to the deck and was skidding on my back down the gravelly road.

Wish the landing had of been this plush!!

Got that gross sick feeling you get when you stack it hard and laid down on the side of the track and I didn’t want to move, but being the amazingly nice and awesome mtb community I quickly had to get up as too many people were stopping to help! I limped back to transition unable to put any power through the peddle and my back had completely seized up, forcing me to walk up the tiny hill to where Bourkey was eagerly waiting. Great work to the girls who raced, a big thanks to Ballarat-Sebas Cycling Club for putting on a great event. The temperature was fresh however the sun was shining and it wasn’t raining!!! A big thanks to Liv/Giant, HSR Seeds and Ay-Up lights.



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