Nature is best

rockin’ the new liv/giant race kit…??

I had a ripper weekend hanging out here in Marlo. The weather was perfect and I had a blast running, riding, sipping lattes and catching up with friends. Riding home on Friday night as the sun was setting I felt sad for people who don’t get out there and see things like this!!! We headed down to the water with a drink and packet of corn chips and watch the sun set over the water, great way to end the week. Then Saturday morning saw the sun rise on my run, then Saturday afternoon headed to a lookout and had a picnic with friends and watched the sun set again. It was majestic!!

DCIM101GOPROMaking an effort to get outside will allow you to see some wonderful things that make you happier and appreciate life more than any TV show or comfy couch. So many people go to work to save money to buy stuff, don’t get me wrong I buy stuff too-my bike packing gear list is getting big but there are so many cool things to SEE and DO that don’t cost money!!!  I watched numerous sunrises and sunsets, ran and rode on beautiful trails and appreciated this beautiful world. I want more people, especially young people to get outdoors and see what’s out there, it beats playstations/computers/TV’s etc.Here’s some photos! Enjoy!DCIM101GOPRO




20130512_115527              20130510_171628



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