Hansel and Gretel

In approximately 14 weeks Al and I will be heading up to NSW to tackle The BIG HuRT. After chats with folk who have had a crack, and the honour of riding with the one and only finisher of this race, we know it’s not a walk in the park and it’s going to be hard, really really hard. So, instead of spending hours and hours just riding our bikes, we are tailoring our training to suit this race. We have been in the gym trying to strengthen our upper body, back and core, we have been sleeping out testing the best bivvy/tent options for sleeping, have been out riding in all conditions, and have been doing long walks up and over sand dunes. Hopefully all this will result in our goal: To finish Big HuRT.


Last weekend we didn’t even ride our bikes, we did a 3hr lovely scenic walk around the walking tracks, stopping for a cup of tea along the way. Simply glorious! Sunday we did the same, but it turned out to be an adventure walk! We parked the car and walked down a sandy track, up over a massive dune and down, walked along the beach for about 30 mins, then climbed another big sand dune into a cosy alcove out of the gusty 45k winds that had blown is there where we fired up the jetboil for a cuppa. We then headed back, however the wind had blown all our tracks away and we had no idea how to get back to the car. We climbed up the side of the dunes at least 10 times but each time we were greeted with a harsh, dense scrub impossible to get through.


We had been out for nearly 2 hours and the tide was coming in, the wind wasn’t not slowing down and the sand seemed to be getting softer. Al declared we were going to have to run to salmon rocks, which would probably take about 3 hours, and it would be getting dark so we needed to hurry, and hope someone could drop us back to the car. So we jogged for another 30minutes and I was continually scanning the high dunes looking for the track we had come out on. I think I found it! I sprinted up and BINGO!! Thank goodness!! We made it out abit tired, hungry and thirsty but had a great adventure!! Bring on the HuRT!!!

20130519_132912 20130519_123517

20130519_133032            walk3



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  1. What is the Big Hurt? Sounds intriguing

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