Dirty Deeds Cyclocross Epic Fun!!

Headed down to the Brunswick Velodrome for the Dirty Deeds Prologue on Friday night. It was awesomely rad and I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!! The atmosphere was electric, the tunes were pumping, the burgers were flippin’, the crowd was boozin, and my lungs were burning!!! Rumour had it there were 500 people watching, there were over 200 people competing, and there was an epic amount of laughing and heckling going on!! There were fluro onesies, wigs, fat bikes, fixies, balance bikes, mountain bikes and cyclo-cross bikes! Loads of stacks also made for good entertainment for the spectators! There were roughly 40 women racing THAT IS MASSIVE AND AWESOME!!! We were to complete 3 laps of the course, which weaved around the oval in the middle of the velodrome, jumping 2 barriers and a log, and included a lap of the velodrome. I was feeling unbelievably nervous for a race that was only going to last 10 minutes!


It was more hectic than I’d imagined, trying to squeeze 40 chicks around a small bend suited the aggressive roadie types and not the sweet, kind mountain bikers like myself !! 😛 And I reckon the girls race was much less hectic than the mens! The women’s race was hotly contested with Mel Anset taking the win followed by the skilful April McDonough who in front of me bunny hopped the log with about 50cm of airspace between the wheel and the log. This led me to think I too would be capable of doing that manoeuvre on my next lap. I was wrong. I went at the log with ferocious speed and my back wheel hit the log so hard that a) I don’t know how I didn’t fall off and b) I was sure my rear end of the bike had snapped in two. But alas, my Giant TCX is so dam rad there was not even a dint!!



We got to do a second race, this time it was reversed handicapped so a new winner was crowned. Cyclo-cross is definitely taking off in Australia, get on board people, it is awesome fun!! Thanks to Dirty Deeds for putting on such a show, and only 10 bucks to enter!!! Big thanks to Liv/Giant for the support, was great to catch up with the other girls and like I said earlier the TCX took a bit of a knock and loved every minute of it!! Thanks HSR seeds for the support of being able to get to races like this!


I highly recommend watching this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luqafunIMr4, especially the last 30 seconds with the kids race to see a friendly battle between Buzz and Woody!! TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!


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