CX All Terrain Sunday Micro


After being holed up in front of the fire catching up on sleep and report writing on a miserable Saturday, we decided to head out on a cyclo-cross ride today. After 15 minutes of riding it started pouring down with rain, we stopped and put on our wet pants and jacket. The hardest thing about this ride was the changing weather, it rained, cold wind, head wind, sun came up, sun went down, freezing descents, over-heating whilst climbing. It was difficult to maintain a nice, comfortable temperature, feeling either cold or sweaty. CX bike was the perfect rig for this micro-adventure which involved Hike a Bike, roadie bitumen style, sand, fire-road, clay, singletrack, over board walks and through mud.

cx1 cx5

Our initial planning didn’t turn out as hoped as it took as much longer than anticipated to get to the first stop-Bemm River. We had planned to stop here for water, then have lunch another 40k down the road in Cann River. We rolled into Bemm, grabbed a delicious ‘Summer Roll’ for $2.50! and headed to the pub. We discussed our options over a coffee at the pub – If we stuck to our plan it would have been at least a 10 hour day, and we only knew the route by map so unsure of track condition, plus have a 300k Audax ride next Saturday. Plan B, have lunch in Bemm then head back.


cx3 cx4 cx7  cx17 cx20  cx25

Unfortunately the lunch options in Bemm were pretty scarce, there was still an hour before the pub served lunch, and the Bait Shop didn’t have much variety. We opted for the Bait Shop instead of waiting around and came out with a packet of the worlds most expensive and oldest Monte Carlo biscuits! Shared the pack then headed back to Marlo town. A solid 6hours later we rolled in to the Marlo bait shop for a deliciously big bowl of soup and fruit toast by the fire! And nothing that unexpected/eventful/getting lost etc. happened for once! Wish was nice, but at the same time doesn’t make for a very funny/exciting rolling adventure so hopefully the photos make up for it!!! Happy riding!!!

cx14 cx24


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