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Ok so I have never ranted on the blog or facebook or webosphere before but I felt I had to get this one off my chest. I was super excited to see that there would be another cyclo-cross race on the same weekend we ventured to Melbourne for the Dirty Deeds Prologue. The Syca-cross race was held in Mill Park on Sunday, so we headed out to the burbs and drove around for about 20 minutes trying to find the place with 4 other cyclo-cross car loads as the details on the website weren’t very clear on how to actually get to the start line. Website said to be there at 11am to register and racing would be from 12-3. Trailmix were running the event, the last trailmix event I entered I left halfway through due to poor organisation and a lousy 5km course for an 8hr. They were running around very frazzled and couldn’t tell us of the race schedule. At 11.30 they advised the women’s race would be at 2pm, and the men at 3pm. So we were to hang around, in the rain, for the next 2.5 hours. Poor effort. Had there been a race schedule online the day before the event that advised us of that, I wouldn’t have bothered to drive the hour out to the burbs, as we had a 5hr drive home. They wouldn’t give us a refund, even though we had only handed over the cash 30mins prior, they advised we could transfer to the next event. Not real sure I want to turn up to an event run by Trail mix.

Anyway…rant over. Got to hang out with the parentals and eat dumpling soup. Also had a rad weekend in Melbourne eating delicious food, shopping and hanging out with rad people.

On a positive note, we are planning an adventure and I have been finding some awesome articles that I really relate to and that will help bite the bullet and go for it!! http://www.good.is/posts/why-biking-7-000-miles-to-patagonia-is-essential-for-creative-living

This online magazines that talk about cycle-touring and adventuring,  Check it out! http://issuu.com/bunyanvelo/docs/bunyanvelo02

Also, this blog has some awesome recipes, photography and adventures by bike http://www.whileoutriding.com/blog

http://www.good.is/posts/why-biking-7-000-miles-to-patagonia-is-essential-for-creative-living Love this bit from it:
“I am 30 now, and I don’t want a mortgage. I don’t want property-based responsibility because I think it’ll change my brain chemistry. It makes you focus on protecting what you have rather than fighting for what could be. It seems like the observable transition from idealism to conservatism. As for now, I do not want that. I want to pursue wonder, appreciation, and adventure. I want to meet people and learn from them and write their stories and tell others. I want to become a man that pursues virtue and character and color and romance. It feels like the people in our lives who seem to have done that are the ones we love most. If I have a family some day, I want to give them a father full of stories and whimsy and love for being alive. I see too little of that.  You may think I am prolonging adolescence and avoiding responsibility. Well, I can simply say that I am not impressed by grownups or their society. But I will also say that I disagree with you. The choice to pursue a dream, at the destruction of my comfort, with the loss of safety and certainty, all for the purpose of doing something that inspires others to a fuller life of wonder and creativity and quality, to me that is a burden of responsibility worth carrying. To me, that is growing up.  ” Benjamin Franklin once said, “either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” I like that. I intend to do both.

And, another sweet vid from dirty deeds prologue! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7DAXDFlZBU&feature=youtu.be

And remember:

Photo: Ok.... so we here at AV agree with this. Like and Share if you do too.


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  1. Don’t you hate it when race organisers don’t organise.

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