You know its a tough ride when you have to pedal hard to get to the bottom of the hill.


Last weekend we rode to Bemm aiming for Cann, didn’t get there due to being unprepared to underestimating time it would take. So we thought we’d have another crack it at this weekend.
The long weekend was a funny one for me, 10 months ago I had entered the Cairns Ironman and got my triathlon on, for about 4 months until it became clear running and me weren’t getting along. (This week I went to the podiatrist and he wold me I am not biomechanically built to run but that story can wait for another blog to come) So I was abit bummed about that and decided I needed a similarly hard challenge, so I decided on the Audax300k in Point Franklin. Those plans fell throw also. So perhaps riding to Cann would be hard, well an adventure at least I thought.

We headed off at 8.30am on our cyclocross steeds, which was later than anticipated, but a blessing really as it was freezingly frosty, and got to Bemm River by 11.30 and our wonderful friend Mandy had left out banana cake, tea, coffee and biscuits for us on her porch which was delightfully consumed. Al also pointed out my drink cage was broken, but upon closer look no it wasn’t, I had just put it on upside down…..ooops.

what’s wrong with this picture?

Off again, in the wrong direction! and on Old Coast Road to Cann, a section of fire-road we knew nothing about or even the distance. The trail consisted of sand, sand and more sand, with a bit of muddy clay and wet sand. It was grindingly hard, kinda like being on the ergo the whole time. There was no relief, we had to get our of the saddle to pedal to go down the hill!! It was demoralizing, especially when we had no idea how it was going to last for. We rocked in to Cann 5 hours after leaving Marlo and waltzed in to a café to see a friend from work and had a lovely lunch from her, shaking her head that we had ridden there!



After eating way too much lunch we grinded our way back to Bemm River, the 1/2 bowl of wedges just sat in my stomach and I felt quite ill for most of it. Called back in to say thanks to our friend and had a coffee and sat in their heated room for about an hour. Glorious but then had to head back out in to the freezing cold dark with a 3 hour ride in front of us. My base layer and jersey were quite sweaty from the warm sun during the day, but temperatures fell down to 3 degrees and I had decided not to pack my coat, which I very much regretted. About an hour from home I bonked big time, I hadn’t had much to drink because a)I was too cold and b) on my sip of the drink bottle I hadn’t used yet, a chai seed left in the drink bottle cap from 2 weeks ago had sprouted into an alfafa and totally grossed me out when I pulled it out of my mouth! I was shivering majorly, my fingers and toes just stung and felt like stumps. You know it’s a hard ride when your pedalling and have no idea if I was pedalling up a hill or down a hill or on a flat piece of fireroad. Over the next 20km about kangaroos darted out in front of us and I was waiting for one to jump straight into one of us. Rolled in at 9pm absolutely freezing and my own fault for not taking enough gear.

al2    cpurts

getting somewhat fed up with this wet sandy muck! But a good old fashion hard ride! Just what I needed physically and mentally on this long weekend. We didn’t need to spend lots of dollars on entering a event, we were able to create our own hard challenge and got to see a new place, new landscapes, learn some lessons, think alot and enter then exit the hurt box after 10 hours of continually grinding on the pedals. Cup of hot tea, hot shower and warm doona never felt so good!


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