Spontaneous Microadventure


hurt6  IMG_20130616_111455hurt9    hurt23

Life certainly got in the way of training this week, manically trying to mark exams and have reports finished we were also hit with a massive storm that is yet to pass, it seems to be just hovering on top of us refusing to budge. Wednesday night we had 100mm, Thursday the power went out, Friday is came on and off randomly and the rain did not stop. Today the river rose over the bridge, trapping us in Marlo. Wahooo maybe we can have the day off school? No such luck, we aren’t entirely cut off, we can drive an hour or so round the long way through Cabbage Tree Creek to get to school. Since Thursday we have had 185mm and its still pouring. No bother, it happens every winter. Still managed to get a bit of training in though, a couple of runs which was delightfully fun in the rain, splashing in puddles like kids it felt invigorating and great to be outside instead of holed up inside. Also managed some good HuRT training with some gym work, and a sneaky spontaneous micro-adventure in though, consisting of a ride in the pouring rain and then hike-a-biking up some steep sliding muddy hills having a blast wondering what what people would think if they were to stroll by, thankfully everyone was holed up in their house so no need to explain. Continue on riding through the dark and many puddles. It was only a short ride but fun none the less and good to get out of the house if only for a short while. Have a great week everyone and get out of the house if only for an hour and do something you enjoy!!

hurt5  hurt8    hurt7 hurt

hurt12 hurt16 hurt11

IMG_20130616_102938   alhurt


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