Escaping to MTB Heaven

July. Cold. Winter. School Holidays. Why wouldn’t ya jump on a plane and head to tropical and sunny Cairns!! I made the journey back to my birthplace after a 25 year hiatus and immediately wondered why I had left it so long! Thanks to social media I was able to meet the one and only Wil, local cycling legend who spends his time working for MTB skills, working in the Giant Cycling World Concept Store, updating his website  on all things bikes in Far North QLD, coaching youngsters and organising races!!

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Lucky for us he found time to take us to the most amazing trails on Aus!! We hit up Smithfield, the track of the 96 world cup, and where the World Cup in 2014, 2016 and the World Champs in 2017 are going to be held, cant wait to get back up there once the tracks have been built! We competed in the Single Speed Nationals whilst we were there (read about those escapades here
liv1    liv6

selfie1    swimming8

We also hit up Atherton with a group of singlespeeders, where we ran into Glen Jacobs and had a good old chat to him about how rad Cairns is and he explained to us his plans for the new trails. Rode up a ridiculously long and hard climb and rewarded with the sweetest decent I’ve ever descended! Epic berms, so smooth, so much flow, 2.5k of bliss the smiles were permanently planted on our faces for the next few hours!

walk1 blog1 bump3      bump6

Rode the famous ‘Bump Track’ just out of Port Douglas, pushed our bikes up a climb for 35 minutes, sweat pouring down and calves burning we were glad to finally reach the top. Once again we were rewarded for our efforts with a sweet, fast descent through the rain forest. If you’re thinking of a fun MTB holiday make sure you head to Cairns, visit Wil’s website, ride Atherton, ride Smithfield, ride the Bump Track. All are amazing and they are only going to get better as Glen and his crew are currently working on them and they are going to be EPIC!!

bump7    walk2

setup    gribs2

It wasn’t all riding though, we hiked the Bump Track to watch the sunset, ran along the esplanade, hiked Mossman Gorge in the Daintree, snorkelled the great barrier reef, and ate loads of delicious food. Couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend a holiday, although kinda feel like I need a holiday after all that!!

tree      walk6 walk10         walk12


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