Glorious & Death defying micro adventure x 2!!

The Marlo MTB Motley Crew consisting of 2 singlespeeders, 1 tandem and 2 touring pannier bearing commuter bikes headed out on the dirt. “Do you think  I should take a coat…… Nah, don’t think it’ll rain. ”

The tandem going outrageously fast!

Scarily dark evil clouds threatening to the left of us, “we’ve got plenty of time, that wont be here for ages.”

 Fast forward 10 minutes = wind picks up, hail-balls hammer into our body and faces. Squealing cyclists, watching the rear tandem rider with her legs off the pedals sticking out like a frog, the front rider spinning too frantically for her to maintain the cadence, me laughing my ass off at the situation. “Quick” said the smart thinking one, “there’s a cattle shed up here we can hide in” SCORE!

Jump the higher than a conventional fence gate, slosh through the mud whilst being peppered with hail balls I imagine are the size of golf balls. We all frantically jump the next stockyard gate scrambling from the hail bullets. We turn to see an open gate that would have led us in that we simply could have strolled through! Bunkered down in the shed trying to keep warm, eating muffins and biscuits the planned commuter cyclists brought along when CRACK, an almighty thunder clap followed by a lighting strike to a tree about 20m away, sparks flying from the branches! How lucky we weren’t 3 minutes later or we would have been directly under that tree!

left side=fence we scrambled, right side = door to walk through, even the cows figure it out!

Next day Al and I head out for another ride on the dirt, cyclo-cross style. Glorious day, sun shining, crispy air, wind gusts. Rode home through a paddock full of cows, not an irregular thing as we are friends with the local farmers and are allowed to do so. Halfway across the paddock I got the sense these were not ordinary cows. Ordinary cows run the other way, or continue munching on the grass without even a glance or g’day.


These ones were standing, evil eyes staring, me feeling very uncomfortable and scared, a few step towards us….. A few start stepping towards us FASTER. Al tells me I must ride to the other end immediately. I wait at the other end of the paddock, feeling sick, watching as the herd of BABY BULLS close in around Al, they are not backing down, whenever Al turns his back and tries to ride away they charge at him. He YAAHHSS them and spins his bike around, taking 2 steps forward and 2 step back. The thought that enters my mind: Maybe I should call triple 0 now that way when he is trampled at least the ambulance will already be on the way. Thankfully he made it across the paddock in one piece and we continued on our journey home.

enjoying the sunshine through the farmland
getting my Danny Macaskill on



   Digital Camera



Digital Camera
pondering life over the crashing waves….


An eventful weekend. Have a great week everyone and happy planning your micro-adventure for next weekend!!



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