Cow Spotting & Hammocks in Winter

Weekend time = bikepacking adventure!

We headed for a camping spot we had heard lots about, had no idea how long it would take to get there. In the end only 2.5 hours of pedaling with a wrong turn thrown in to add some time. Conversation ranged from grand ideas, bikepacking races, gear talk, business plans, breeds of cows and the beauty of our surrounds.




Liv/giant rocks

thats a big hill…


Reached the camp spot, set-up our bedding, lit a fire and got the jet boil cranking. Relaxed.

our bedding option no.1

We recently purchased Parachute Hammocks, They were super comfy and in summer they are going to rock. Right now, in middle of Victorian winter they do not. Freezing cold after a few hours we made a quick dash out of our sleeping bags into the frost and blew up our XPED mats and jumped into our bivvys. I know I must have gone to sleep, but I certainly didn’t feel like I actually slept! A few times throughout the night the conversation went like this “Hey Court, are you awake?” “Yes” Are you cold?” “Yes”. 2 hours later…… “Hey Al, are you awake? “Yes” “This sucks…”

At 4am Al got up to try to light a fire, fail. At 6am I had a crack at it and got it going!! Bear Grylls eat your heart out. Soon the kookaburras started and with warmth and the sun rising, our spirits lifted and we were stoked with life once again! Some warm porridge also filled us with joy.


A gnarly uphill outta there was great as it warmed us up, headed into town for a coffee and fruit toast. We felt grateful to be able to have these adventures and sat down to map out the next.

blog7  blog13

blog20  flower


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