Bike Bag Dude Chaff bags

As mentioned in the previous post, we headed out on a bike-packing trip last weekend. We recently acquired some Chaff Bags from Bike Bag Dude


They attach to the handlebar and fork. We were able to store a ton of food in there. I had about 5 chocolate bars, a bag of nuts, a banana and 4 gels, and that was only in 1 of them!! I had one on each side of the bar. The best thing about these food bags compared to any others I have used = SO EASY TO GET FOOD OUT OF WHILST PEDALLING! The opening/closing cord meant nothing fell out over some pretty rough terrain, and I was able to tie my gloves and buff through the cord for easy access when I was ascending/descending.




Looking for feed bags- check out Bike Bag Dude, in fact, if your looking for any bag for your bike check them out, they have some really fantastic stuff and looking forward to seeing more of their products!




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  1. I was wondering about the chaff bags. Might add them to my birthday wish list along with the other Bike Bag Dude gear

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