The Adventure of just hangin’ out

I like to sit down on Sunday night and write a blog about the (mis)adventures we have gotten up to on the weekend. I considered not writing one this week, cos we had a pretty boring weekend. When I say boring, I wasn’t bored at all, it’s just we didn’t do anything crazy or exciting that was blogworthy, which got my thinking, do I do these adventures because I want to do them, or because I want to blog about them?


A few months ago on a big-ass ride to Cann River I was devastated when I realised I had left the SD card out of my gopro and didn’t have my phone, no way of recording this epic trip for my the blog…. I considered bailing on the ride, then I thought hang on that’s ridiculous! That would mean the only reason I ride is to show and tell people afterwards, I asked myself, is that why I head out on big-ass rides? Hells no, was my response and a few hours later I realised I was taking it all in and not having to worry about stopping to take photos or thinking what would look good on the blog, I was taking in the scenery and enjoying the moment for what it was, taking mental pictures and appreciating the beauty I was surrounded in and thankful I was able to be out here in this amazing bush riding my bike all day long.


Back to this weekend, we slept in which was much needed and great after a long week at work and commuting in every day took made for the need for sleep. Listen to the body and I did, a big change from a few years ago! We hung out with friends, ate yum food, did household duties like chop wood, went on some lovely bush-walks and a few runs along the beach. Couple of easy spinning rides but no massive rides like most other weekends. It was nice, it was cosy, it was dare-i-say-it…. RELAX! Which for those who know me know that word is not in my vocabulary, I don’t do relax, … unless it’s to ride my bike a long way. I am working on that, I am trying to “unwind” and to turn my brain off every once in awhile in order to sleep better, recover better and to live and love the moment.

IMG_20130531_220910 20130803_160141 IMG_20130514_211304 IMG_20130430_185239


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