Wombat Tales!

cxyehPerfect weather, let’s ride to the Bruthen Brewery for lunch cos the food is amazing!! Chaff bags full of goodies and hit the rail trail. We guesstimated 3 hours max and 55k each way. We guesstimated wrong! The ride there was hard, much more uphill than I remember and the rain from the previous day resulted in the wheels sinking straight down!! A grinding 3hr40 later with much of the conversation being about what to order from the menu, we were shattered to find the kitchen had closed a meager 10 minutes earlier. DOH!!

refueling at Nowa Nowa

Went to the bakery hoed down some food and then back to the brewery for a coffee, cake and a beer. Feeling tired and full we tried thinking of other options to get home other than riding!! Man how hard would Tour divide be!! Thankfully we had packed lights so headed back home and also thankfully it was less uphill and more downhill on the way back. A few scares along the way including rabbits darting out in front of wheels and 3 wombats hoon across the track only cm in front….pphheewwww. Dropped my gloves on the way there so shivered my way back home, got back to the supermarket threw a heap of random things in the basket then sat in front of the fire at home reflecting how hard, scenic and fun the day had been.

blogskis  railinsta

railnowa3 railrtails

Opted for a day off the bike Sunday and headed out on a kayak for a couple of hours in the sun and glassy still water. Great weekend, bring on the next!!!

Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera

And lastly, check out our new tee-shirts!! If you would like one let me know $20!!! They are pretty rad and studies have shown it will increase your radness by 70%

Rad tees
Al thinkin he is a model….. (poser!)
and this is the view from our deck…..




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