Whats SUP??

Down the estuary

At the start of the week I purchased a 10″6 Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) It is rad. I have been out most days cruising the Estuary and the Snowy River. Last night I got a phone call as I was leaving work, meet us at the drop in point, we are SUPping home! Cruised down the Snowy, water was still, floated by house boats I never knew where there, greeted fisherman on the way, saw a waterdragon relaxing on a log. What a great way to finish the day. More SUPping adventures being planned.

a few of the Marlo SUP Club Members

This weekend was great, my parents made the 6 hour journey down to hang out with us, we walked along the beach, went fishing, watched the sun set over a picnic with friends. Bliss.

picnic sunset.glorious!

Sunday was less relaxing but loads of fun, headed to Colqhourn (Lakes Entrance) for the Gippsland MTB Club 4 hour. There were over 60 entrants, the course was 18km which equated to roughly an hour per lap. A fun fun fun fun fun track. What a great job the volunteers/club members have done in building these epic trails, can’t wait to show my Central Vic friends (if they ever came to visit…..) these trails. Race done, race won, headed down to Metung for lunch over the water.

cows   trophy


Hope your weekend was enjoyable whatever it was you did, hope you got outdoors and explored this wonderful world and the nature we are surrounded by!!! If not, all good, lucky there is a weekend in only 3 more days, don’t talk about getting out there, just get out there, you’ll be glad you did!!!

For more info on trails, including race results and track info see http://www.gippslandmtb.com.au/


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