The 5-9 idea on the commute front

Regular Rolling Adventures readers will know I love the idea of Micro-Adventures invented by Alistair Humphries , his idea of getting out there from 5pm – 9am is awesome and we’ve been trying having some great adventures. I ride in to work most days, its a 50min ride each way, its a scenic beautiful route but sometimes I do get over it, so I got to thinking “how else can I get to and from work without having to drive?” Here’s what I came up with, and I plan to complete these by the end of the year and share the stories with you, and hope you have some more ideas for me!!!
– Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) home. Will have to be a tailwind, calm and hot day, but it can and will be done, guesstimate is at around 3.5-4 hours.

– Walk. I’ll count how many people stop to give me a lift!! Guesstimate at 3- 3.5 hours

IMG_2520 IMG_1514
– Run. This would be a great run,only barrier is my body is anti-running at the moment (keep getting injured when I try to increase distances!)

20130519_130751 DCIM101GOPRO
– SingleSpeed Spin out- pretty flat road, will get my spin on!

– Kayak – will have to find one to borrow to complete this!

Digital Camera
– skateboard!! Will get scootch leg!! Aim will be to stay in one piece and make it home!!!
241605_10152063248055694_186205718_o 329001_10152063243505694_917544103_o

Fill me in on any other fun ways to get home…!! My friend Wally flies home from his workplace! From Dinner Plain to Bright, pretty cool!!
Why do it? Loads of reasons!!! a ) Save petrol b) see cool things c) see cool sunsets  d) achieve something  e) trying new things  f) have some stories to tell!  g) makes you relax and forget about the days work   h) makes you relax and not stress about tomorrow’s work   i)living life to the full   j) making memories  k) something to do between 5 and 9!
l) no doubt some fun will be had and see cool stuff like this:
sunsetter salmonrox cow  flower blog21 IMG_20130731_215738 wheel 57770-img_2046 sansucial 20130407_161001


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  1. Love this 5-9 concept 🙂

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