I was fortunate enough to go on a school trip to China recently, it was awesome! We spent time at a couple of schools, set-up a sister school with our school, had lots of meetings, set up a project, stayed with a family, went to Shanghai, Beijing, Changshu, Shizou. Observed classes, taught classes, went to the Chinese Acrobatics, Silk Factory, The Great Wall, a pottery place, shopping, ate lots of food and spent a night in hospital after throwing up for 24 hours,An amazing country with friendly people and a cultural experience quite like none I have ever experienced!Lots and lots crammed in and it was an amazing experience one I will certainly never forget!! Here are some photos!

hm phone pic 890

hm phone pic 1002
lots of bike spotting!

hm phone pic 1062

hm phone pic 930

hm phone pic 899 hm phone pic 896
being wheeled around the No.2 hospital in Changshu shortly before being placed on a drip for the night. Not a night I’ll be forgetting in a hurry!
Home made dumplings and food galore!!!

hm phone pic 955 hm phone pic 958   hm phone pic 1074  1377599_10153323615440694_478467716_n 1396034_10153326194815694_514120330_n



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  1. I went to China a couple of years ago and loved it too. Especially all the bikes. Just wish I had bought myself a folding bike to take home because they were so ridiculously cheap. Haha

  2. China was amazing!! I didnt get to go into any bike shops though unfortunately!!We did drive past a couple of GIANT bike stores that i wanted to stop in but couldnt!!!! Have fun on the tassie trail! Cant wait to hear how it goes, it is one i definitely want to do soon!

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