Marlo Madness & Bemm River Roll

First weekend back from China and launched into a adventure training session with a few of the Marlo crew. Super windy day we were suppose to swim across the estuary, I opted to SUP. Probably not the best option, couldn’t even stand up! Knee boarded over and arrived 5 or so minutes after most of the others. A hard run on soft sand and then when I thought it would get easier around the other side of the dunes we were smacked in the face with a massive head wind, that was there for the remainder of the run and the whole ride. Made it onto the cross bike and rode 20 or so k’s on the dirt. Still recovering from the China trip I was feeling pretty ordinary but was having a blast! The rest of the crew rolled into Loch End for the final leg of the race, the kayak back to Marlo. Al and I had elected to ride back to Marlo instead, which was a good idea as my arms were sore from the SUP leg! 3 hours of hard training and I was spent!! A big thanks to Bex for organising it and a big thanks for Phil for helping with transition/equipment drop off! And well done to Jake the first dog to ever compete and finish Marlo Madness! A great day out with friends!

Bex, Jake and Phil! Photo: Glenn Sykes


Headed along Old Coast Road from Marlo to Bemm River on Saturday, perfect 26 degrees sunny day we cruised along the fire roads on our Giant TCX Cyclo-cross beasts. Perfect way to spend the day! Cruised the 70km there and stopped at the store for a refuel then back on a different road to what we came. Pearl Point Road was the road back to Marlo, really sandy but loads of fun! Stoked to be out there back on the bike, it was an awesome ride. Stopped in at Dock Inlet for a quick cool-off and arrived back in Marlo, 6hours on the bike and feeling great, until I sat down then felt a bit stuffed! Stoked to get a long ride in since HuRT, gearing up for the 210km gravel Audax ride on the 9th Nov!

lovin the TCX
a bit of hike a bike through the soft sand
refuelling with choccy milk
cooling off at the beautiful dock inlet
stoked to be back on the bike
beach time

20131102_111250 20131102_121655 20131102_121741 20131102_123322 20131102_123515 20131102_133310 20131102_135440 20131102_140453


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