Mapping out the Rolling Adventures Bikepacking Classic


So we are in the middle of planning a bikepacking race here in East Gippsland!! Get excited!!!! Please come!!!!
Anyway we are mapping it out at the moment and this weekend involved mapping the last section from Cann River to Marlo. On Saturday afternoon we rolled out loaded up with gear and rode the sandy track that is Pearl Point, as it had only been 3 weeks since we had ridden this, I can honestly say I wasn’t really loving it, still too fresh to reinvigorate the love of the sand!! Lots of near front wheel washouts and snake sightings, the sun was beaming down and the flies were swarmingly annoying!!!

20131116_171414  20131116_171343

Got into Bemm River abit over 3 hours later and had a delicious ice cream, packet of chips and powerade to refuel, continued on to Cann River and proceeded to ride pretty much the whole way on my own, Al and I’s pace were too different, I was still recovering from last weekends Audax adventure whilst Al was feeling fresh, and he was on his SS.


Got in to Cann River at 7.30pm, some 5 hours after we left Marlo and had some food at Jen and Dazza’s diner, and scoped out the resupply options for racers and their trading hours! Originally we had planned to camp close to Cann but we were feeling good so decided to just ride home.


About 3 hours later we were both being plagued by the night monsters and were feeling incredibly sleeping. Hmmm…. do we push on and get home at 2am, cons- feeling super tired and hangover feeling all day Sunday when I have school reports to do , pros- good practice for Kiwi Brevet and GDT where we need to work on keep on moving and dealing with sleep deprivation…. We decided we didn’t need to push ourselves into that state this weekend and setup our bivvys and went to sleep. i must have been tired as I slept the best I ever have in a bivvy.

Even slept later than what I do when I’m at home in my comfy bed! Cooked up some baked beans for breakky, rolled the last 2 1/2 hours home and called into the local cafe for some coffee and cake. Great weekend being outdoors and getting excited about getting the Rolling Adventures Classic all mapped out!!!


getting gear ready
sand…so much sand….




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  1. greatr blog courts – looking forward to the next rolling adventure. dave

  2. Nice to man BIVY

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