Koalas, Hills and Spaghetti on Toast

This weekend has been lovely- one at home in Marlo with awesome weather and work finally winding down for the year! Saturday we headed to a little country town located in the hills called Buchan. We have ridden our bikes there a couple of times before, we opted to ride our cyclo-cross bikes for abit of extra training, surprisingly it took us about 1hr15 longer than when we ride the roadies! Anyways enough chatter, I’ll just put some pics up!!


We made friends with this cycle-tourist who had ridden from Sydney and was on her way to Melbourne, kept her company for abit and chatted bikes! We also found another female cycletourist in Buchan who we chatted to for awhile! rock on girls!!
Buchan Cavemen! Al might put on the footy boots next year for a game with some of his mates!
spotted these rat bags!
rad views of the mountains! A very hilly ride! 75km each way


Al was feeling tired so thought ordering half the cafe might brighten him up for the return journey – spaghetti on toast, 1 latte, 1 foccacia, 1 piece chocolate cake. Im surprised he carried himself up the climbs with all that food in his stomach!! must have worked though as he rode home strong!
Loving the decents! Selfies whilst descending can be done on a quiet back country road!!
not sure what this superwomen pose is all about…….


Al tempting fate by riding across the bridge that he once face planted on trying to ride!!
35mm tyre….see ya later!!! some gap!
riding the bike for this photos purpose only, he did dismount!!


Legs were a tad sore when we got home as we both didn’t have our easiest gear working, all that mud we’ve been through in the past few months, think we need some new cables!!  Sunday consisted of baking, cleaning, a recovery run and ride and hanging out with our foster dog! Bring on next weekend, planning on riding off road to Melbourne, getting ready for Great Southern Brevet in January!!! Hope you all got out on your bikes this weekend, and if you didn’t hope you do this week!!!



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  1. Looks like a fab ride. Those wood bridges always make me feel like I’m a million miles from anywhere – love them (but not for riding across). Don’t you love how downhill selfies always make your face look kinda distorted? It’s like the camera captures the far side of the face moving and can’t match it up – hahaha

    • True Andrew wooden bridges are great along with quite roads make for a great day out. Court love the selfies think I need to use the camera more…

  2. not much chance of me playing footy!

  3. HAHA! thought my face looked alright…thanks mate!! haha yeh i know what you mean…..

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