CAPITAL PUNISHMENT MTB in only 3 weeks!!

2014 edition of the awesomeness that CAPITAL PUNISHMENT MTB Race is happening on March 15th and I cant wait!!
Entries close this Tuesday so if you have been umming and aaarring well enough of that, got online NOW and enter, or if you’ve just been lazy and leaving it to the last minute, well do it now aswell!

Here’s the deets: Facey page-
Here’s the website to fill out your entry form:

You can race the 100k or the 50k!! Why is this race so rad you ask:
– Saturday race means you don’t have to drive home tired on Sunday for work on Monday after the race and you can ride awesome single track on Sunday!

– It is the only opportunity to link together all this amazing flowing single track right across Canberra. The fast and fun 100km course links all parts of East, Central and West Kowen Forest, Sparrow Hill and Stromlo Forest Park.

– It is the first event in the Maverick Marathon Series – a series combining four famous races all at iconic locations and giving riders the chance to measure and compete against their friends over the season.

– There are loads of cool prizes, cool sponsors and feed stations to hydrate/refuel at



Photo taken from Capital Punishment website!


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