Road ride, cross-ride, fat ride, sunsets!

This weekend was pretty low key, but very rad! I rode my bike a few times, a few different bikes and over lots of different terrain.
Saturday morning I got up and went for a lovely jog along the beach. Then Al and I went for a cross ride over some bitumen, fire-roads and single track.

20140222_115757 20140222_115811 20140222_115827 20140222_130916  20140222_131017

Then Dave and I rode his fatbike down a big-ass steep-ass vertical wall on the side of a paddock. It was awesome!!



this is how steep it is!!!

IMG_2932 IMG_2953


Dave’s Fatty. So Rad!!

Then we all met up and enjoyed a gourmet 4 course meal – The 100 Mile Harvest, delicious local produce and good wine, great catching up with friends!

Sunday Al and I went for a road ride with some friends, went for a SUP and then had a cup of tea and cake with some older friends, followed by drinks and biccies at Sunset Lookout. So much stuff to do here in Marlo, a relaxing and fun weekend was had!!

IMG_3029 IMG_3032



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  1. Wow! It’s rare to see pics that really do show the near vertical decline!!! This you’ve done;)
    I trust there was some bleed off space at the bottom!
    Stu’s got an off road skateboard, but not a lot of places to ride it locally. That’s a perfect paddock; unless have to slalom around cows;)
    That could be his WordPress blog? “Sloping ground & Sloppy mounds!!!

  2. That decline looks epic. Sounds like a grand weekend 🙂

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