Let the good times roll

What an awesome last few weeks I have had and touch wood will continue to have with loads of cool stuff planned here is a bit of an update on what I’ve been up to and what I have planned!!! The week after Capital Punishment I was on Year 9 Camp so lots of fun canoeing, mountain biking, running and not a whole lot of sleep. Headed to Melbourne and had a great time catching up with family and friends, and meeting new people on the Liv/Giant ride on Saturday morning. 7am Frankston return ride was a hoot!

photo: Liv/Giant Australia

Saturday was filled with eating yum foods and catching up with friends and family! Up early on Sunday to watch the swim start of Ironman Melbourne with a couple of friends competing it was amazing to see the competitors pushing their limits. From here we went to the Giant Party tent and had a rippin great time catching up with people and cheering on competitors!!


1969306_10202415226395193_1358759511_n   20140323_151253 20140323_145320

A very long day indeed and still suffering from an enormous lack of sleep from the previous  week I was buggered but managed to stay until it got dark, wishing I could stay longer but knowing we had to be up at 5am to head back to work the next day it was time for bed. A big thanks for Giant for hosting such a great event, well done to all competitors and I hope one day to be at the start line of one of those things!!
The following weekend I was finally able to stay in Marlo yippee and had a great time hanging out with Mum and Dad who made the journey down. We ran, rode, fished, canoed and had a good laugh. Sunday afternoon was spent hanging out with friends and playing a great game of ultimate frisbee!!



We have enjoyed commuting into work everyday, albeit dark in the morning the plus side is getting to watch the sunrise on the way in!! Tomorrow is the last day of term which means 2 and a bit weeks of holidays and this includes a trip up to Alice Springs for the Easter in the Alice Mountain Bike Muster, a 3 day stage race organised by the legendary JP and Central Australian Rough Riders, going to spend a few days before it riding the trails and enjoying the sunshine, CANT WAIT!!!

In terms of racing plans for 2014, the jury is still out as I am waiting to hear the whereabouts and dates of the Australian Solo 24 hour Championships which I am planning to do, but if this does not happen I’d like to do some trail running and compete in the Surfcoast Half-Marathon , Surfcoast 100km (in a team!!) and the Sri-Chinmoy Offroad Triathlon. But first I must build up my running!! I will be competing in the Blores Hill 6hr MTB Solo in July no matter what and the GDT Bikepacking Race in June. Bring on 2014, so much to do and I cant wait!!! Stay safe, happy riding, hope everyone is all good!

back in the day I used to have to turn around here on my road bike. Not anymore! I can continue on the unknown path on my Giant TCX cross bike!!

20140402_073442 20140402_073512


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  1. ALLISTAIR MCCOY April 3, 2014 — 9:59 pm

    You should take my Giant MTB back next trip. It was 2nd top model in first series I believe, when Giant entered MTB market. I imagine 21 years of R&D hence, your wheels must be amazing. Mine was very slick in its day. It was 3 weeks pay, but didnt come with a motor????? ;))
    Another stunning post!

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