Commuting Life

We’ve been fitting in our training by commuting to work everyday, 55 minutes each way and it has been a great way to save money on fuel as well as fit training in. We get to see some pretty cool sights along the way, this is how it goes!

first we ride some single track which is FUN!!



then we roll down a hill overlooking the snowy river, look at some mountains, cows and green grass and sigh Ah that looks so pretty!!
then we ride past a paddock that looks like a lake and has loads of swans and ducks in it
ride on the road for awhile, say g’day to these guys
hit some more singletrack
ride through some rad autumn leaves

and get to work! Then on the way home we do it all again, except swing by the mouth where the snowy river reaches the ocean for a quick look!!


It’s a great way to start the day and then to unwind from work afterwards!
We also headed out for a night ride the other night and here are the pics from that one!

20140515_173752 20140515_173934

20140517_162129 20140517_162211 20140517_172430

enjoy the week and happy riding!!



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  1. Awesome commute! I love the area where you live. I visited there on my motorbike in 2009/10. My favourite was following the Snowy River to it’s source following the Suggan Buggan road.

  2. it is very beautiful, very lucky to live here indeed. we are planning on riding from Marlo to Canberra in a few weeks, going to buchan, suggan buggan, jindabyne etc. would also like to do a ride from here to mt kozi, following the snowy !!!

  3. on bikes not motorbikes though! I think ill be wishing i had a motorbike halfway along the way though!

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