Hammer Nutrition!

Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

With GDT 400km bikepacking race coming up in 2 weeks I am going to do some blogs on my gear that I using, the first part will focus on nutrition! Although we stop through many towns and I will be refuelling for breakfast lunch and dinner along the way, whilst I am on the bike I will be using a range  of different Hammer Nutrition products. These work for me and I have been using them since I started competing in endurance cycling events 5 years ago. If your wondering what nutrition to use for cycling I suggest giving Hammer a go as they have the right mix of nutrients required to participate in these events. This is what I use:
HAMMER HEED- A sports drink without all the sugar, it isn’t sweet and has all the electrolytes I need.

HAMMER SUSTAINED ENERGY- a long distance fuel great for providing you guessed it – sustained energy! It doesn’t have any flavour so it is easy to drink and I don’t find it as heavy as Perpeteum. This is used when I don’t feel like or cant eat.
HAMMER GELS- Awesome variety of flavours, awesome texture and not sickly sweet they give me energy when I can’t eat or don’t feel like solids.

HAMMER ENERGY BARS- great tasting energy bars healthier for you than sugary muesli bars. Also easy to swallow, not dry like most muesli bars.


HAMMER RECOVERITE- I’ll scoop this into my drink bottle before I go to sleep to try to repair some muscle damage sustained along the way as I have to back it up with a big day riding the next.

There are more Hammer products like Perpeteum, Solids and Recovery bars, but the above list is what I will carry with me on the GDT. I also use them all in training! For more info go to their website http://www.hammernutrition.com.au . Also check out their great range of clothing for riding and running!



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