GDT 2014 Winter Edition

So GDT has rolled around pretty fast! On Saturday we’ll be at the start line of GDT at the Bendigo Train Station. If you’ve never heard of GDT you can read my blog form last years race!

It’s a 382km bikepacking adventure starting in Bendigo, heading to Castlemaine-Daylesford-Ballarat-Bacchus Marsh-Daylesford-Castlemaine. Things will go down a little bit differently this year as last year it was 42 degrees, this time the nighttime temperatures are 3 degrees, a bit of rain and low teens during the day, the trails will be muddy and darkness will set in much much earlier than last year! A new challenge awaits!!

You can follow our progress here:

And updates from my SPOT and Al’s SPOT are linked to my facebook page and the Rolling Adventures facebook page.

Here is my bike set-up:


– Giant XTC 29er hardtail
– 2 x tubes
– 2-3 water bottles-1 in cage, 1 in BBD chaff bag
– Chaff bag with Hammer Heed/Sustained Energy
– BBD front harness and bar roll has sleeping bag, liner, bivvy
– Rear saddle bag has XPED sleeping mat, rain jacket, rain pants, Ay-Up batteries, arm warmers, leg warmers, toiletries, 2 x Buuf headbands, spares kit, pump, and spare room to carry extra food/water for the night time section. Spot in attached spot carrier
– Ay-Up light on helmet
– Garmin e-trex on handlebar
– Front gastank – hammer gels, hammer bars, multi-tool, 1st aid kit
– food, ipod,phone,money in jersey pockets


Those who know me know I love lists, but it’s hilarious because I am the most organised unorganised person there is!!

Well happy adventuring everyone!! Good luck to all the bikepackers out there! Most important thing is to HAVE FUN and enjoy the ride!!



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