Marlo Life

Been a bit quiet on the blog front, have some catching up to do! I’m going to try to get through a few today as the weather here is terrible! This first blog will just be an update mainly of photos of riding around Marlo and Marlo life over the past month or so.

A gorgeous ride out to Cabbage Tree Palms with friends, where I tested out my new cooker (Al got it for me for my b’day in Feb and I hadn’t tested it out yet… have been abit slack on the camping side of life lately) We boiled up some tea then rode on to Cape Conran where a mate had started a delicious BBQ. Listened and watched the waves crash down before pedalling home. Gotta do this stuff more often!



Before winter hit and we had a week of freakishly good weather I went and had a play around with the GoPro in the morning trying to get some sunrise shots.


And attended the best party ever! A bike party involving hot lap, skid comp, mono comp, track stand comp, DJ, friends, fun.
Here is a movie on it!

And here are some photos by the wonderful photographer Andrew Barnes:
10265537_10152438844215930_2091074555504807737_o 10386977_10152438846195930_4815066914331542643_o


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