JubbaLand and Castlemaine Liv Ride

Last weekend I headed home to Castlemaine and had a fantastic weekend including a Liv Ride on my favourite trail with 7 rad chicks on the GDT, followed by my 2nd favourite trail- Jubbaland in which I raced with Steve in the mixed pairs 6hr and a wonderful catch up with family!



10485985_941181882575418_350765873252785824_o10353042_941181485908791_6016451047145543629_n 10582800_941182849241988_7931512083921050421_o10619892_941182845908655_9058211691264851290_o10631103_941182605908679_7731601698442919265_oWe rode from Castlemaine to Vaughn Springs on the Great Dividing Trail where we stopped for lunch which I wasn’t prepared for and munched on some baby food and race bars until Jane gave me some delicious roast potatoes and cookies. It was an awesome day out full of riding great trails and chatting non stop the whole way! If you get a chance to get to a Liv Ride you should as they are awesome fun!!




The VES 6hr returned to Jubbaland which was great news, I teamed up with Steve and we agreed we were having a casual ride around the tracks, in theory that was great, but in reality I am and I sense Steve was too, a wee bit on the competitive side, so about 4 hrs in when we were sitting in 2nd we were feeling pretty good. Then I got a flat! In my mind I thought I’d (by I, I mean the 4 people it took to change my tube) had taken about 5 mins to change it, in fact it was closer to 15 minutes, I watched as 3rd,4th and 5th rode past while I was on the side of the track trying to fix my flat!! Hopeless? Yes indeed I was. When my tyre went flat I blasted it with air hoping it would get me back, that was never going to work with a flat tube, I was still in tubeless mode but as I’d only had my bike for a week I hadn’t set it up tubeless yet, and Jubbaland is a tubeless setup must in my opinion! I also hadn’t realised my back wheel was a thru-axle setup rather than my previous quick release I was used to. A kind fellow rider stopped and assisted with taking my rear wheel out. I didn’t have a pump with me and my co2 was now empty. Waited for another kind samaritan to stop and she lent me her co2, and then to top it off I couldn’t get my wheel back on, so a 3rd lovely rider stopped and helped me with that!! Next time I will be better prepared and know how to change my tube!!!


10599533_10154530806430694_5852480649974208945_n(1)  10600516_10154531070955694_2959497016974415464_n(1)

A big thanks to Steve for being a great team mate and staying composed and not seeing too phased when I lost us a potential podium place! A massive thanks to Liv Cycling, it was so good to be back on a dually and the 650b wheels worked a treat. This bike was the perfect combo for riding around Castlemaine on GDT and Jubbaland!


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