Blores Hill Liv Ride!


Two weekends ago the lovely Jane and I took a group of ladies around Blores Hill, we came from different places-  from Melbourne, from Marlo, Bairnsdale, Traralgon but we all had the same idea- ride our bike, talk non stop and laugh our butts off!!
The tracks were in stella condition and the sun was shining! We had a lot of laughs along the way and stopped to chat. One chick had a nasty tumble so we sat on the side of the track for awhile to recover and just as we were about to head off Bek decided a re-bleed of her brakes was necessary! So we sat on the side of the trail and talk some more while Bek and a guy she stopped fixed her brakes, she could no ride without her back brake jammed on! Up and over trig we kept riding, talking an laughing. We then bumped into a massive goanna, surprising as I think most of the wildlife in the park would have heard us from a mile away and scurried off terrified!


Blores Hill has awesome trails and it was great catching up with all the ladies, looking forward to the next Liv Ride!!

Bek doing brake repair #1
Bek and a passer by doing brake repair #2
Bek was very thankful! No back brake jammed on!


Group Selfie! Photo: Jane Ollerenshaw

10672050_953360198024253_5070437121304840811_n 10689959_953360314690908_3783551093334964638_n


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