Colqhourn 3HR Gippsland MTB Race!

After a long and tiring term I was looking forward to heading over to SA to ride the Mawson trail, the universe had other things in store though and this trip has been postponed to 2015. Which meant I would be in town for the Gippsland MTB Club 3 hour Enduro at Colqhourn on some really fun trails. I headed to the race feeling very tired and not so great but after the first lap hollering and loving it through lollipop track I had a big grin on my face. Local superstar U23 ITU World Champion Charlotte McShane was back in town and keen to test out her Liv Lust. At the 1hour mark she came up behind me and we rode together for the next 45 mins or so, where the pace was high as we to and fro’ed the lead. On the descents I would get a gap but on the flats/climbs Charlotte was flying. Her strength, fitness and power was unbelievable and it wasn’t long until I blew up trying to hold her wheel up a climb, never to see her again until after the race! It was a pleasure meeting her and remarkable to see her ability out on the course! I limped my way around the course for a 3rd and final lap, coming in with 4 minutes to spare I decided it was best for everyone that I did not go out on another lap and left with a smile on my face after meeting such a champion! A big thanks to Liv, my Lust was superb as usual, and to the Gippsland MTB Club for running another fantastic event! They had over 70 competitors and a free BBQ and soft drink at the end and cool prizes!!!! Awesome effort! I’ll try to find some more photos to put up soon!!





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