Blogging Therapy!

Shortly after my last blog post Al and I spent a few days riding in Tathra, it was AWESOME and I cant wait to go back!!

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Al’s brake pads fell out at the top of the climb, funny for me not funny for him!! Luckily he made it down in one piece and that Tathra has a rad bike shop who helped us out!

Fast forward 4 weeks and I am missing my bike alot! Al thinks this is a good thing, to have a break, but I disagree, it just makes me moody well the main mood being grumpy, so it really only makes me grumpy. But then I feel guilty because it’s not like I have a killer disease or there’s anything wrong with me and there’s people way way way way times a million people worse off and I am grumpy about not riding my bike. So why the break? We had some family stuff, some house stuff, some organising stuff, then I went to China for 2 weeks (now I sound even more pathetic at being grumpy, I got to go to China!?!??!) and then when I got back I got sick. A lingering headcold/stomach bug thing that has kept me in bed. I wish I could do ‘not training’ better, I will work on that for the sake of everyone around me. And I am somewhat confused about which event to do next, if you have any suggestions throw ’em my way please! I am contemplating some trail runs and XTerra races thrown in with some Gippsland MTB Clubs races. I mapped out my racing/riding etc. for the next few months and it seems I have a lot planned! Jan = Tassie Trail, Ride at Mt Buller Feb=Tre-X offroad tri, Apr- The Mont, Alice Springs Easter MTB Muster, then Xterra. So it seems I have a fair bit coming up and I am looking forward to getting back to full health and training up for these events. Plus a heap of micro-adventures and bike-packing exploration of East Gippsland is on the cards!! The sun is a shining, the days are longer and it’s time to get out on the bike!!Yiippppppeee!!! Note* I started writing this blog last week in the middle of sickness and hence the grump at the start and saved it in draft I just finished it then a week later feeling much better and hence the end of the blog was more positive and perhaps writing it down made me realise I have nothing to whinge about at all, so thankyou blog for letting the therapy!




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