A Running Micro-Adventure

A few months ago an event sprung up on my radar – The Afterglow Trail Half Marathon in Torquay and I had planned to run it with a friend. I ran 3 times a week for 30 minutes each run and a couple of 50 minute runs as well for about 4 months, and then 10 days of running in a row around Beijing, Shanghai and other provinces in China and my body held up really well. I figured I hadn’t really done enough training for the Afterglow but I would be able to get through it without getting injured, I’d just be bloody sore! A few weeks out a MTB Camp I had setup for school was scheduled for the same weekend as Afterglow. The camp was amazing but I did have my mind set on this half, so I decided to go out and do one anyway. The week before the camp I mapped out a 21.2km run on my mountain bike around Marlo, and made it into 3 loops, that way I could bail if something hurt alot. Friday night I drove out to 2 points and put a drink bottle and gel out and hoped the possums didn’t eat it during the night!! A few days before my planned run I woke up with a sore throat and was thinking the run wouldn’t happen.

I set my alarm for 4am Saturday as we were sanding our floorboards all day starting at 7am. I bent down to pick up my clothes and my back was really tight, gave it a stretch and decided to go out for half an hour and if it hurt or I felt sick I would just come back to bed. The back tightness I put down to playing footy with the Year 8 students the day before and figured it wasn’t an injury, rather just a soreness from not having kicked a footy for awhile!!!

I put my new Ay-Up Running Head Torch on, a Hammer Fizz in a water bottle along with 2 Hammer gels by the front gate and headed out on the first loop. 4k’s around Marlo it was quiet, peaceful and dark. Back to “transition” and onto the second loop on dirt roads this was a 10k loop in which time I saw a beautiful sunrise. I was feeling really good so figured I’d head out on the 3rd and final loop, on a fun singletrack trail a 7k loop. About halfway through I started to feel really sore and was questioning what I was doing and began to really not enjoy it!!! But soon enough I was home and the boys were already on the sander so it was time to get to work, I had no time to complain about my tired legs and spent the next 12 hours sanding floors!!! I woke up feeling abit sore on Sunday but I blamed the sanding job!! I was a bit disappointed in my time but I figured I should just be happy that I got through it injury free and it was certainly the longest run I had done in about 7 years!

20141122_042122                                               20141122_052206
The new Ay-Up running kit is fantastic and I will be doing a product review on them shortly so stay tuned!! It’s Thursday night, I hope you all have a fun little micro-adventure or challenge planned for the upcoming weekend!!!20140309_065930


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