Cruisin Round Colqhourn

Last week was hectic, Al and I both went on a school camp which was awesome fun – included activities such as rafting the Snowy River, bushwalking, horse riding, but it was rather tiring! Then I headed straight to Canberra and completed a PMBI MTB Instructor Course! It was very insightful and know I can take people out and teach them how to do “sick cutties, huck off jumps, gnarly monos and bunny hops” plus the fundamental skills such as braking, gearing, cornering. Looking forward to working with Gippsland MTB Club to get some clinics up and running!!! As fun as this was I was pretty happy to be back in Marlo for a relaxing weekend.
Saturday we copped 20mm of rain, it poured all day long. Luckily it was quite humid, we headed out for a 3 hour run/walk in preperation for the North Face50k in May. Doing this is just about having a new experience, mixing up training on weekends and getting to go for runs with people from Marlo. We found some really fun trails and sand dunes to run and walk on. Sunday we jumped in the car and drove to Bruthen for the Blues Festival, checked out the markets and ate lunch with friends in the park listening to some great tunes. Al and I then headed over to Colqhourn and rode a fun lap while I tried to focus on all the new stuff I had learnt at the course. Here’s some photos!

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