Tathra 100k

All inspired from racing Easter in the Alice I was keen to race the Tathra 100k as I had ridden a few of the trails and they were awesome. Long weekend in June I packed my Liv Lust and met up with some Canberrians who had kindly invited me into a house in Tathra. Out for dinner at the pub then up early for the 100k start.

Freezing cold on the start line, it was a very civil roll out and then we hit the first climb and I felt myself filter back through the pack, feeling like a fish that cant keep up in the school and flailing around! Hit the single track and tried to enjoy myself, getting into race mode but it wasn’t coming to me. It was 2 laps of a 50k course and I was considering ending my race at the 50k mark, justifying that it would be ok to just do 50. Then at about the 40k mark it all clicked and I was feeling awesome!

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(Photos- Chris Polglaze and Stacey George.)

I was loving it! I was in race mode, feeling good and loving the single track! I managed to pass a few girls in front and estimated I was sitting in 2nd in my category. I was motoring home and having a ball! It may have had something to do with the african drummers, guitar players, gorillas and amazing cheersquads along the way, and the easter eggs on offer at one of the aid stations!! I had 10k to go, I mistimed a gear change, changing gears in a little dip and overtaking at the same time and I somehow got my chain totally jammed in 4 spots-all due to my poor timed change. I tried to untangle and it didn’t work, then a guy stopped and had a go, didn’t work, we finally got it unjammed but the chain links had bent and the chain wouldn’t go through jockey wheels. Grabbed my multi-tool and after awhile managed to break the chain – had to take out 3 bent links, and couldn’t get the quick link to snap in. Another guy stopped to help and he snapped it in but I didn’t realise I hadn’t put the chain in line (having never actually fixed a broken chain before…) so the chain was now totally unusable! Broke the chain again and the kind lad who stopped gave me his quick link and tried to break my chain again and the multi tool snapped.


Photo- Peta Stewart

45 minutes later we pedaled the last 10k chatting and when we crossed the line they were packing up! Very glad I did this race, even though I wasn’t feeling it at the beginning I was stoked I changed my mindset and really began to enjoy the race and the trails! Awesome trails, awesome people, big thanks to Tathra MTB club for organising such a rad event! Big thanks to the kind lads who stopped to help, also a big thanks to Liv, my Lust worked a treat, and to Hammer Nutrition and AyUp Lights! I’m off to brush up on my mechanics skills!!

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