Cambodia Chillaxin’

We recently spent 12 days in Cambodia, this was our second time in Cambodia and what a great adventure it was. Here are a collection of photos that we took. We got to ride bikes, run trails, walk and explore cities and towns and meet some lovely people. Our trip also involved eating delicious food, getting massages, taking long bus trips, staying in nice hotels, relaxing, yoga classes and a cooking class. Enjoy!DCIM102GOPRO

singletra singeltrax river


relax tada sweeeet 


train tracks powerpower pestle mechanic2 mecganic masterchef


Al made furry little friends along the way!
Hanging out in Battambang
Delicious pancakes in Siem Reap

AL alchattin alexploring

alride1 alriding ankorwta beercoffe bananana

Best Fish Ahmok we had was in Kampot!

cooking class cafeespresso  bikeabanaa court and al courtako courtsposer courtss drink elefantal


Liv jumpinggiantsign   IMG_20150710_101519giant  giantakgoi giantDCIM102GOPRO



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