Summertime is coming

Just abit of an update of what we have been up to since our attempted Marlo-Kozi (actually Marlo- Bonang) bikepack trip. We have been doing some riding, some racing, some trailing running, catching up with friends and fam, hiking, a melbourne trip,  whale watching, house painting and vegie gardening, marlo madnessing- Marlo madness adventure race – a swim, run, ride, paddle followed by a BBQ and hanging out and now planning the next adventure coming to you soon!

We saw Whales-twice!!!

We went to the Zoo!
IMG_20151010_093556 IMG_20151010_100707
Raced a 50k MTB!


Lots of adventurous walks!








and throwing lots of tennis balls!


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  1. Hi Court & Al, Geez, what free shit does your Logistic Support Team get??? You guys get t shirts that wouldn’t fit me & energy gels that’d give me a heart attack:))) If we were Roadies for a Rock group, we’d get booze & tarts:))) What’s your RoadShow offering? Mawson Trail sounds like Priscilla of The Desert on Posties???:)) I’m there…. it’ll be wild. Phil&I will be like Travolta & Tim Allen in Road Hogs… :)) I’ve sourced a ripper camp str… $340…but worth it by the sounds? Do a double cook of home brew and have 16lt of 40% in goon bags. I’d love a similar trip in VN… YOU GUYS leave at 0500… we’ll leave at 0800 and meet by 1100 in village for nite. 20 cans then same again. Cheers, you guys have the best life!!! Al

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