Holiday Schnaps

Some photos from our summer holiday hanging out in Marlotown before we went to the wild west !

We had a brilliant Christmas with family, beach walks, bike riding, walks, snoozing and swimming.

Following that our our buddy from way back and far away came to stay for a week. We cooked, walked, ran, rode and tried to fit in as many micro adventures as we could. Including a tried bikepacking over-nighter that didn’t quite eventuate but we tried, and a sleep over by the sea under the stars.

never get tired at Marlo sunsets!
NYE Delicious Dinner! Miss Nina’s cooking come back!


this is nina she is rad and makes me smile


the 3 amigos.
Nin was the only one who got the memo to jump


not a bad picnic and sleeping spot
Bike packing to be continued

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