Australian Adventure Festival 2016


Having events locally is great, as we live a really long way away from most events. The Australian Adventure Festival came to Lakes Entrance last year and it was my first race on a SS, I did the 50k and had a ball and thought there is no way I could do 100k on a SS. They hold a ton of events that weekend including a multi sport race, half marathon, 10k, 50k trail run, plus 100k,50k,25k MTB, plus kids races.

Unfortunately the weather was horrendous leading up to the event and perhaps kept a few people away and clashes with many other events also. It’s a great event and I hope it grows with more people entering next year. I had not raced my bike for 12 months and had a cold the week leading up so really didnt know how I would go, I didnt enter until 10 minutes before the closing time. With the Highland Fling 100 Mile in 3 weeks I knew it would be the perfect hit out and would affirm in my mind either confidence or what the hell are you doing.


Driving to the race it was pelting down and I was expecting a text to say it had been cancelled. The 100k course consisted of 4 laps mostly all super fun single track, with rain coming down on the first lap I came into transition looking like I had rolled around in a mudbath. The sun soon came out and with it dry mud caked all over me, I cant believe people pay money for that.I thought the slippery conditions were great fun and SS was a great choice!! I finished in 6.5 hours, a little longer than hoped but managed to cross the line 1st female and 3rd overall to take home a sweet swagger of goodies and the confidence I needed to go into the Highland Fling in a few weeks. Hope to see you there next year!!




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