Courtney Shinn and Al Gribble’s blog about riding bikes, adventuring, bikepacking and racing. We like riding our bikes, talking about bikes, cycle-touring locally and internationally. We are both teachers and live in East Gippsland.
Al is more inclined to take a photo than write, and Court enjoys writing.



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  1. Dear Courtney,

    We couldn’t find a link to message you directly via Twitter so guessing your profile is private.

    Congratulations!! You have won one the prizes in the SealSkinz Competition.

    Please email: mattboyce@sealskinz.com to claim and arrange shipment.

    Thanks for entering

    SealSkinz Twitter Team

  2. Hi Folks,

    Planning a loaded tour from Philip Island to Maffra. Do you know what might be the best route to get from Hiawatha to Churchill? Would really appreciate any info you can pass on if possible. Would be ideal to know what the water availability is in this region.


    • Hi Andy, great adventure planned!! Unfortunately I don’t know that area at all, I think there is a rail trail that goes through there. Sorry I cant be much help, if you are on facebook i recommend searching for the group “Bikepacking Australia” and writing your question there and no doubt someone has ridden there or knows that area well.have a great ride!

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