Bikepacking Gear

What we use for bikepacking trips!!

Bike Bag Dude (BBD) – Al uses a BBD Frame Bag, and we both use the Chaff Bags. The Chaff bags are really handy for storing food and drink bottles and can be easily accessed. We also use the front handlebar roll mount and bag and they are super sturdy and awesome! BBD have been a great Aussie company, customising the gear and offering fantastic customer service, highly recommend them!

Revelate Bags– I use a revelate frame bag (only because I purchased it second hand before I knew about BBD), a revelate Gas Tank and a Feed bag, as well as a saddle bag and front pocket for extra food storage that sits over the BBD handlebar mount.

Depending on whether it is a bikepacking adventure or a race depends on the gear we take. If it is something like GDT or GSB where there are more towns along the way and sleep time is minimal, we take a bivvy. If we are doing our own bikepacking adventure where time is not a factor and we are not in a hurry we take a 2 person Kathmandu tent. It’s a little heavy but it can stand the elements of all weather!

K-Lite –
Sinewave USB Charger which runs up from a Dynamo hub and powers my phone, ipod, tablet, garmin etc, Switch created by K-Lite.!NEW-product-New-USB-charger-Its-tiny/c1xn2/117EF3A0-C067-4DAD-9022-B72F26CDC7B8

Gear List:
– Sleeping Bag, liner if cold
– Bivvy or Tent
– XPED sleeping mat
– Kathmandu Ti Pot Cooker, gas bottle, 2 sea to summit folding plates, cups, knife and fork
– Small 3 prong cooker similar to this  downside is the gas bottles are quite large, if travelling for a small amount of time or lots of towns can buy a smaller one but they dont last that long
– Thermal top, thermal legs
– merino socks
– Pearl Izumi X-Alp Enduro 3 MTB SPD Shoes
– Garmin etrex 20
– Chargers (phone, ipod, tablet etc.)
– Auldi tablet for watching movies in the tent on crappy weather days/nights
– Matches, toiletries etc.
– I carry an Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta – is much comfier and works more effectively than any mtb hydraton pacl I have tried. It carries a 1L ballder and has many small pockets to carry SPOT, food, GoPro etc
– GoPro Camera
– Knicks, Jersey
– MacPac Rain coat
– MacPac Rain pants
– Castelli wetsuit material winter gloves
– leg warmers, arm warmers
– Hammer Nutrition Bars – Energy and Recovery
– Ay-Up Lights Head mount for camping and helmet mount for night riding


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