Things we use and like!

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I’ve been using Ay-Ups for 8 years now, for MTB night rides, races,

camping and trail running. They are so bright and most importantly, so reliable!!!

Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes



Best nutrition for racing and training, not full of sugar and slow releasing energy!

I use Sustained Energy and HEED during training rides and races, as well as gels – my favourite flavours are Nicciola and Peanut Butter Chocolate! Hammer bars my favourite are Cashew Coconut Choc which I eat on long rides and always have an almond cacao vegan Recovery bar at the end of a long ride or race


Court rides a Salsa El Mariachi 29er. It’s rad and tough. Has never skipped a beat, super comfy and can put all my bags on and explore cool places. It has a rohloff, but sometimes I take it off and ride it as a singlespeed, it also has a dynamo hub for a front light.
Al rides a Niner SIR with rohloff and dynamo hubs.

SLEEPING MAT- Kathmandu Mat
SLEEPING BAG- Al- Mountain hardwear design.
BIKE BAGS- a mixture of BBD and Revelate Bags


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